Privacy Policy

“City Pulse” is a registered and legal independent ‘Media and Advertisement Website’ that publishes news and magazines, books, booklets, and advertisements with commercial and intellectual names of “GLOBAL PULSE” and “CITY PULSE” (publishing global and local news), and “JOURNALIN” (publishing magazines). “City Pulse” is a for-profit website with human right purposes. “City Pulse” is not responsible for any false report if the name of reporter or interviewee is not mentioned whereas the responsibility falls on the news sources who are out of our control especially if the information has been extracted online which is less reliable for possible problems such as hack and other, while we try the best to collect more evidences and confirm the news before publication. “City Pulse” might not include the information or the names of sources especially if it’s a result of online journalism unless it is a well-known media source. “City Pulse” do not deprive the public of knowledge of news even if the documents are not completed. “City Pulse” is not responsible for any internet scheme or other fraud if it occurs but our effort is to prevent. “City Pulse” business activities is based on mutual financial benefits as well as other arenas.

Out source publishers in “Journalin” website:

It is possible that users publish contents, articles or videos but if it is not agreed by Journalin authorities in written can be followed legally.

All contents that is written by “Journalin” will indicate us as the source at the bottom of  the text or video. So if the user sees a published content or video without the text: “Captured or written by Journalin or City Pulse” then knows that our website just collected the content or video from out sources that might not be named. All collected and not provided by “Journalin” or “City Pulse” contents and incidents might be unreliable or mischievous.  


Please do not copy, change or destroy the website contents, pages and designs that all has copy right, otherwise you will be known as an offender unless you are permitted in the page by “Journalin” by finding this sentence: “you may copy or print”, in that page or relevant contents.

 Words ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘ours’, ‘Journalin’, and ‘Global Pulse’ legally refer to “City Pulse”, sole and mere registered as the name of “City Pulse” company in Canada at the time of official and legal registration. Please note that any possible similarity of “City Pulse” name with other companies if it happens, would be just a resemblance by chance. Before registering this name at the date of registration, “City Pulse” couldn’t find any other company working under “City Pulse” name in Canada legally through official search, so we have provided official documents for this registered name in governmental process and it legally belongs to us and it’s documents are completed.