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City Pulse independent entity owns more than three domains including “” or “” which is a free non-profit news-magazine website and try to grant to public advantages and social improvements.

All the websites has been a demo by now with a few unknown visitors and have been invisible to search engines and public as a result of harassment such as hack.

This websites may use cookies based on server policy to use sensitive information like if you are about to purchase something in marketplaces. Your cookies are needed to support and protect your rights and safety during your shopping. So cookies may be used by servers to prevent internet fraud and misuse. The data that is collected by your cookies is the basic data that all online websites are collecting if they are operating online purchases and not more. We never step over collecting the information more than what we really need, in order to provide you a pleasant but reliable publication and business safety which you are indeed looking for.

“City Pulse” may download and publish any video, content or other format of information from other websites where is needed and allowed to make contents rich and to complete the information or provide more supportive documentary for our publishing news. So you may see some of our videos, images or contents in other websites such as Youtube during your internet connections.

You may need to release some of your personal information such as name, email, contact information if you want to publish news or purchase something in our websites during registration.

You are not allowed to collect, use, copy or republish our contents unless you have relevant obligation with us and we agreed that you do that.

You need a handwritten agreement or signature if you want to work or publish something directly in any of our websites.

If you are a user that have access to the dashboard to publish something in any of our websites remember to keep your written approval.

 You may not print or copy any information or content in our website especially if they belong to other individuals unless the information that you copy belongs to you and is covered by your personal usage such as in “my account” pages or other personal files that are yours.

We never share or release your information and we will always support and respect your privacy, so no one has the right to reach your information through our websites, and if they do so by mischievous activities it is for sure an offence and we reserve our right to confront them by any legal and acceptable way if it happens.

If you are a visitor or buyer in our website you shouldn’t research our publishers, agents, authors if they are unknown in published pages so we keep privacy right for our allies to be unknown unless they publish any of their information by themselves. So no one is allowed to search our allies identities.


 If you upload any image or content in our website directly or through us, you may need to know that these data can be printed or copied out by our visitors even though it’s against our policy that does not let to copy, since we do not use content or image mask that can indeed prevent them to be picked up. So our publication copy right is not strict nor completely supported. 

“City Pulse Policy”

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