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Mild Diet of Keto

Malnutrition refers to taking improper type or amount of food that may cause serious body malfunction or disorder if it's been followed for long time.

Excessive intake food can cause health problems for yourself by what we call obesity. If you eat food more than ...more

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Best Food Choices
You might think sometimes, what's the best food for your plate, when you see different diets, different guidelines, especially if some diets make you starve.
There are always food guidelines that might suggest you harmful foods like low sugar foods which are tricky and bring you up the opposite results. When you want to choose your meal, you must know your body needs, your activity levels, your body style and size, then find the best choice for that day for yourself. If you're sick, suffering from a disease, of course the best food for you can't as same as other days. ...more


Nutrition is important whereas we provide our body immediate or stored energy by food. How much food or in a better word nutrition we need to take in daily, is up to the energy we need. The amount of energy that we need, depends on our body size, daily activity levels, age, and other factors that affects on number of calories that we need. Of course our activity level might be different day to day and so is the same our needed nutrition. ...more


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Is What We Eat Important?

The amount of nutrients you need daily is limited to a range, based on your conditions. You shouldn't take more or less than your needs otherwise you might find yourself in an unhealthy condition or in medical clinics, where you never like to be unless you work in one of these units. ...more


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