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Disappeared Airplanes

Mystery of sinking Titanic

Bermuda Triangle

World is a mystery full of mysteries, solved and unsolved, so far that human could never reach it's end perhaps! Human has been always interested in discoveries. From science and researches that spare to substantial to philosophy and religion that dig into the principle of the world have been wanted or unwanted engaging in discovery of this universe in billion years.

Mystery books and movies sold as one of the best genres and never could quench people thirst enough. Human traveled high, out of space, and deep low, under water. Scientists have continued the studies for billion years. Many killed to discover the mystery of the world. Human progressed from dinosaurs to inventing robots, to imagination of aliens and directing future movies.

 The history of efforts shows that human has been also looking for his best interest in curiosity; himself. How far human would be successful? The answer also is a mystery.

Inventions and discoveries contributed to human all the improvements and developments so great that we never could really imagine how our life would be discounting them, for example without the invention of Thomas Edison. In the appreciation of all those in past whom we owe to and to provide an amazing source of world mysteries for human curiosity, seeking answers in each of us, we created this page and hope you enjoy.

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