Tips To Protect your Car In Extreme Cold

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How to wash a dog

Do You Enslave Your Dogs?

Dogs don't like to walk like you gently with up head, polite and proud, completely opposite, they like to jump and run while sniffing with lowered head in nature and not among the buildings. What you see in the city, the shops and their signs, bars and cars, don't please them like please you. The dogs naturally are looking for scent of plants and grass in jungle. They are sensitive to living things movements  ...more


 Nothing will put a damper on your holiday plans faster than a flooded basement. No one wants to spend their holiday season mopping up water in an old, leaky basement rather than enjoying time with family and friends. The costly repairs and bothersome inconvenience associated with basement leaks are guaranteed to disrupt your winter plans.

While we typically think of leaks and flooding during times of heavy rain, it is important to remember that these events can occur year-round.

Basement leaks and flooding are actually quite common during the winter months. There are many factors as to why your basement might leak, however all leaks are ultimately caused by an accumulation of moisture. ...more

 Falling temperatures and fewer daylight hours don't mean that your outdoor running routine has to go into hibernation for the winter.

Running in cold weather can help shake those winter blues, boost your energy level, and guarantee that you'll be in better shape ...more

Tips to Reach  Happiness

Happiness is the only gift that can be granted to you by yourself. So let's receive this simple, valuable gift that we can reach with no need of money in this crazy messy world. ...more


 During an extreme cold weather you need to know some helpful tips if you are going outside.


 When cold weather arrives

some tips helps you to keep your dog safe during the winter months....more

 During the cold weather earlier this week, the City of Toronto has received more than 200 calls from residents who had no water. More than 90% of these calls were due to frozen pipes on private property.

 With forecasted nighttime temperatures dropping well below minus 10 degrees Celsius for the next few weeks, precautions are necessary....more

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