How To Crack A Coconut

Coconut is made of three layers including core, skin and shell. The core is made of coconut flesh, the part we usually eat and it is located in the middle of coconut. The core is filled with coconut water inside. We may also drink it if we could extract it clean. The shell is coated by coir fiber that can’t easily be cleaned. This fiber layer is firmly stuck on coconut shell and if it become wet it may be harder to remove that.

How To Crack A Coconut?

You may use two methods to crack the hard shell and take the white flesh out. Besides the hard shell, the flesh is covered by a thinner layer of brown skin which is possible but hard to eat, so some people eat this skin in powder together with white coconut powder. 


One method which lets you get rid of peeling the skin out that needs lots of energy, is to freeze the coconut for 12 hours in freezer then crack it by a hard thing such as a clean hammer.  By this way you may also take the coconut water out clean and without dirty fibers. After freezing, place the coconut in a hard clean ground or in your hand and hit on the shell carefully by a hammer several times to crack the shell in parts then remove the broken pieces of shell with inserting a knife under the broken part and pull it out to the last part. Because of freezing, the thinner skin layer that stuck on the outer shell can be removed along with coir fibers. Now you have a white sphere of coconut. Wash with clean water and leave to defrost it in room temperature. After another 12 hours or more, dig a hole from the top with a clean awl. Remove the water inside by pouring it into a glass. You may drink this clean coconut water or make another drink with it. Cut the white coconut flesh and use on your desire way.

Another method needs to ignore drinking the coconut water or grinding the coir fibers and wash the bare surface and use straw after digging a hole on top on marked areas. 



By this way you must take the coconut water by making a hole in one of the 3 holes that is marked naturally on top of each coconut. Try the one which is softer and easier to puncture. You may ignore drinking the coconut water because it will mix with outer dirty fibers or grind the coir fibers in marked areas and wash the bare surface and use straw after digging a hole on top on marked areas.  Turn the coconut down over a glass and drip out to the last drops. Then you need to crack the shell by a hard tool. If you want to hold the coconut in your hand for hammering, you must avoid the coconut to bite your palm while cracking. Now wash the flesh which is covered in a brown skin in it’s outer part. You may peel out the brown skin that is harder for eating. Wash again and cut the coconut into smaller pieces if you’d like to.



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