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 Bean   Soup / Beef   Stew

Italian beef stew is a soft fine taste food which can be cooked as stew with meat or a rich soup without meat. ...more

 Eggaisin   Breakfast

This meal is a good source of carbohydrates that provides enough energy for activities and growth. Cakes are better than coffee and many other foods ...more

 Chicken Heart Soup

Chicken hearts, the red portion of chicken, are made of muscle in whole. They are good source of protein, iron and storing energy ...more

Cheesy Sausage

Fry sausages fine. Sausages must fry enough and turn to grainy brown otherwise it can be harmful.  Place them in medium size plate....more

 Veggie Crust

Chop fresh dill, parsley and coriander as much as possible with knife or cutter machine. The vegetable juice shouldn't come out if you use cutter machine.

Break 2 eggs in a bowl and beat    ...more



This food is full of fiber and rich source of protein. 

Bring ground beef in a large pan. Add some pieces of cut sweet onion with salt and pepper. Fry with a little oil for 5-8 minutes on medium-high heat. ...more

cook book1 editted 2 half height

One of the most important ingredient in food which is less considered in our daily meals is bone. Bones, the strongest immortal part of living things, are good source of phosphorus, ...more


                     Chicken  Raisin

Chicken is a common soft food, known across the world and it's many people's favorite. It is more delicious with carrot and raisin. Chicken meals are light ...more


 Edrigan Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal especially for children because it provides energy and nutrition for ...more

Sausage Strip Plate

Cut sausages, potatoes, green and red Bell Peppers in strips and fry them. If you fry them in high heat, in crispy mode, you may add some ...more

 Pepperoni Rolls with Ginger Toast Snack

Beat eggs, sugar, salt, pepper, milk, cinnamon and ginger powder well, for some minutes. Lay Rusk bread slices in it and remain for about 20 seconds, pouring the mixture  ...more

Plate Kebab

Mix ground beef and lamb with salt and pepper or other spices in a bowl. ...more


 Egg Rolls

Grill the hot dogs in oven meanwhile you prepare the egg crusts. Beat eggs with raisins, flour, sugar, salt, spices and dry vegetables in the amount of recipe for some minutes.  ...more

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