Coconut Milk Shake

Coconut milk shake is a very strong and energetic creamy snack. You must mix coconut in milk well so it could build a fine suspension.  Some people may not like this drink because of it’s particles which may annoy their throat or make them uncomfortable with irritation but the others like that. To avoid irritation you must blend this shake in an extra time. 

Cut white flesh coconut in pieces by a sharp knife and bring it to a strong blender. Add 2 cups of milk and blend them in high degree. You must repeat the process even after you see the coconut in fine shape to get the cream out of it. Blend for 2 minutes in high and medium modes in alternate 10 separate times in blender. Add 1 table spoon sugar or in your desired amount and blend the mixture for the last time well. Let the shake to remain for 10 minutes to release the buttery-cream on top and around the container.

You may take the cream out before adding sugar and eat for breakfast with honey, cake decoration or enjoy this creamy awesome soft drink.


Click here to see how to crack a coconut if you need to.





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