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“Journalin” is a free news-magazine website that works from Toronto. This website was published by “City Pulse” media and advertisement legal entity. City Pulse registered in 2018 in Ontario, Canada. It now publishes “Global Pulse News”, “City Pulse News” and “Journalin Magazine”.

“City Pulse” has started media and publication from 6 years ago with other names. It was a non-profit publication but experienced financial problems as it’s most challenging obstacle which terminated it’s efforts towards the goals for a while.

City Pulse tried to work for profit but faced harassment and stopped from February 2020 by now. It was pressured for it’s name immediately after registration but could successfully resist it’s name.

City Pulse has lost it’s created technique for children, novel and children story manuscripts then faced cyber attack by digital hackers. This website has non-profit humanity and social benefits and developments purposes other than financial goals.

 Journalin has added magazine pages to Global Pulse News for a wider response to viewers as a news-magazine website and is still in it’s initial steps after years, in a word it has been a demo all the time for financial problems, harassments and lack of employees.

Recently, ‘Beaver Market’ is added to our website as an online shop to provide viewers more options and opportunities during their visits.

Beaver Market is an online marketplace that plans to host vendors/sellers products, properties, vehicles and media such as music, songs and books. It’s composed of five websites which are bound together to present concentrated products for their viewers.

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