Suicide Explosion Killed 79 And Injured 149 In Somalia This Week

Canadian Foreign Affair Minister, François-Philippe Champagne, expressed his condolences on 29th December regarding truck bomb attack in Somalia which killed some people and left many injured. He said,  “Canada condemns this act of terrorism. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of those who were killed and we wish those injured a swift recovery.”

On 28th December an explosion killed at least 79 and injured 149 people including people, solders and university students. 

The bomb was exploded in a truck in capital city of Somalia on Saturday 28th in a crowded intersection. The bomb also stroke a university bus carrying campus students at the area; The most horrible incident in recent years in Somalia.

No one or group has taken responsible for this attack by now. According to New York Times some groups suppose of a terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda might be involved in this event. 

New York Times wrote also, “The African Union peacekeeping operation has been active in Somalia since 2007, but Somali forces are set to assume responsibility for security in May. Six thousand to 7,000 American troops are stationed in Africa, with the largest numbers concentrated in the sub-Saharan region and in the Horn of Africa.

In Somalia, about 600 Special Operations forces are fighting the Shabab from small outposts alongside local troops.”

“The Pentagon so far this year has carried out 60 drone strikes in Somalia — almost all against Shabab militants, with a handful against a branch of the Islamic State. That compares with 47 strikes against the Shabab in 2018.” New York Times published.

Shabab which means ‘youth’ in Arabic, is an Islamic militant group fighting in the name of ‘Jahad’ against the government of Somalia from 2012 in pledge with Al-Qaeda. Shabab with 7000 to 9000 Muslims retrieved it’s forces from most of cities after quarrel with Al-Qaeda in an operation but still rules in many rural areas in Somalia. Shabab has extreme Islamic beliefs and follows Muhammad’s rules in it’s operations.

There are still no evidences to prove the source of this bombing for sure, considering the complex conflicts between more than four armed forces with their wide range power in Somalia. 


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