Greenland’s Ice Is Melting 7 Times Faster Every Year

Researches shows that Greenland’s ice is melting 7 times faster as a result of human activities besides other extreme cold parts of the earth such as Iceland.

Is human in blame seat? How could human know the fact to prevent that?


Through 26 satellite measurements many scientists believe that glaciers of Iceland are melting in a faster rates. If the glacier melt so rapid it will cause other ice pieces to melt with an increasing rate along with raising the average temperature gradually.


The fact has severe serious impacts on human future life according to the scientists. These huge rock-like ices with their white reflective surfaces are important to keep world temperature mild. They reflect a significant amount of sunlight back to the air, avoiding water temperature of oceans and seas in deeper parts to raise too much. If these ice parts keep on melting so fast, it will cause the average temperature to raise, what we call it ‘Global Warming’.


How global warming is important?

Global warming may bring up fatal results by raising the water levels of oceans and seas and occupy the shores and beaches causing destruction in shore lands and buildings so much that a great number of population may have no choice but to migrate to central areas away of the shores. Global warming may put the sea-foods and underwater species at risk along with disturbing  water rout human trades. 

“By 2100 up to 2 billion people may need to move away from their homes based on 2017 study” wrote CNN. You may visit Harmeet Kaur, CNN journalist article about “the first Iceland glacier lost to climate change” by clicking on her name here.


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