Thousands Arrested, More Than A Thousand Shot In Iran Protests

Iranian Protests started from 15th November is still rolling. 

Based on Amnesty International reports more than 300, based on US State Department 1000, and according to social media posts 1500 protesters were killed and more than 7000 were arrested by police forces in a week. Protesters fight against fuel price hike, economic hardships and Iranian involvement in regional conflicts by demonstrations, riots, sit-ins, civil resistance, strikes, online activism and arson. 

Protesters were shot in head or chest and some of their families were charged a fee to receive the dead bodies. (posted in social media)

The Iranian Government employ tactics to shot down the protests including a nation wide internet shot down that lasted a week. Protesters concern that internet shot may again happen. 

An Iranian resident posted on social media that Iranian Protester, Nikta Esfandani, 14 year old girl was shot in head and killed in this protest recently. 

Iranian protesters created road spikes to puncture the police cyclists tires, on 26th December 2019,  wrote on them, “Our enemy is here, we vow to retaliate  soon”

Thousands are prisons now in many cities including Tehran, Esfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Tabriz and more. 

A picture and more videos revealed that some women protest against “hijab” and dress code in Iran, removing their scarves from their head and waving it in the streets.

Some streets air were filled with smoke from protesters fire and police tear gas raising to the sky.

An Iranian website estimates the number of protesters to be more than 200,000.  

An Iranian journalist interviews published in another website reveals that major protests have old economic roots and had been a potential outcome long time before.



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