How Christmas Looks In Space?

While we celebrate Christmas on earth, NASA dedicated astronauts spending their holiday in space trying to stable their feet on place all the time.

It’s incredible to watch this video that they greeted Christmas to their family on earth through it, to see how it  seems to live outer space, in NASA Stations.

Christina Koch said, “My favorite thing about holiday is that it’s the time that world slows down and we get a chance to think about, appreciate and reflect on what’s really important which is that people we love are spending time together. However you are spending this holiday, may be one full joy!”

Andrew Morgan said he misses his family that are on ground and visiting each other for Christmas. 

They were happy that they could watch some movies on Christmas with turning electricity down though they can’t light candles on.

Astronaut Luca Permitano and Jessica Meir also talked about their crew and other astronauts that are at risk in critical areas in other stations.

You may watch this short video which is also published on YouTube on Christmas Eve. 

“City Pulse”


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