Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras To Be Installed By The City Of Toronto

Starting December 16th , Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras and signage are being installed by the City of Toronto on local, collector and arterial roads in Toronto, as a part of Vision Zero. This is an effort to slow down drivers and emphasize the importance of obeying signals.

Each ward will have two ASE cameras (50 in total). Signage will be put in place, so drivers will know when they are approaching ASE cameras. Photos of traffic offenders while exceeding speed limits can be captured after accomplishing the installation.

Violating the speed limits have become a significant problem for Torontonians, causing nearly a third of all road-related fatal injuries. Based on WHO reports, road injuries are the global major cause of death between 15-29 year old people.

Nearly half of all highway convictions are speed offences. The statistics rates are too high, and drivers need to understand this; obeying traffic signals can not be argued, and can cost lives.

ASE cameras provide a new motivation for drivers to reduce their speed, and will hopefully reduce accident rates.

Starting this week, the City is launching a three months public education campaign to inform drivers about ASE. After the campaign ends, the City will start fining offenders based on ASE camera records. Offenders will be fined by receiving their ticket in their mailbox, with no demerit points involved.

City Pulse, Toronto

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