Michael Thompson, Current City Councillor, Dim Stand In Black Community To Secure Society

Michael Thompson, former vice chair of Toronto Police Board and current City Councillor of Toronto, ward 21 candidate of Toronto Municipal Election in this year, who has called one the proven leaders by his campaign had an interview with City Pulse today. He addressed “community safety” in Scarborough as the most important problem specially in case of gun violence that needs to be stopped by police as an urgent matter. He has mentioned better housing and transit as the challenges of Scarborough. He said Scarborough residents need to have jobs and be closed to it. We asked, “Is this possible that Toronto Police give more efforts and focus on gun dealers rather than gun abuser criminals who are abusing the gun in violence?” He answered, “Gun crime is not limited to an area and it is a global matter happening in U.S., Canada, UK and other countries. Police focus to address those issues, but it isn’t just a police matter, all the community should be involved. I believe both seller and abuser are guilty. Police job is a tough job and we need to get bad guys off the streets with the people who carry gun, ignoring their race or any other factor.” Mr. Thompson refused to answer whether he’d been one of the member of police chairs in 2005 who had suggested that Toronto Police should be allowed to stop and search young black guys in the street at random. In our knowledge he had told that his intention had been to reduce gun crime which had serious effects on black community at that time. There is still in our question that how a politician in a liberal country could tear apart the character and pride of innocent young men in public and take them as victims in order to keep the society safe or why he couldn’t find a better solution with less compensation if source of this information is true.




City Pulse, Toronto

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