Cannabis Legalization Across Canada effecting On 17th October To Protect Of Health And Safety Of Canadians

The cannabis legalization will be effected in this week to keep cannabis out of the hand of youth and keep profits out of the hand of criminals and organized crime. From 17th October 2018 until 1th April 2019 cannabis can be purchased legally online, just from government cannabis store websites and there will be serious restrictions for the age of consumers. Driving high, which called impaired driving (using cannabis after or while driving), is seriously restricted and is illegal. Traffic Police will immediately suspend impaired driver’s license in this case and can be followed by financial fines, vehicle impoundment, even criminal records or jail.

It is ristricted to vapor or smoke cannabis in restaurants and on bar patios and public areas within 9m of a patio, on outdoor grounds of specified Ontario government office buildings, in reserved seating areas at outdoor sports and entertainment locations, in grounds of community recreational facilities, and public areas within 20m of those ground and in sheltered outdoor areas with a roof and more than two walls such as bus shelters. Access to medical cannabis and it’s regulations won’t be altered and will remain in it’s value with no change. 

By April 2019  government of Canada may grant store license to some retailers to sell cannabis in private markets with strict restrictions. Cannabis new legislation indicates that consumers must be 18, 19 or older, based on the residential province or territory. The Cannabis Act includes strict penalties for selling or providing cannabis to youth under the legal age. Legal cannabis has an excise stamp in different color in each province. A survey by Ontario government shows that 74%  of people believe there should be restrictions for the places that cannabis can be used. Under cannabis legalization act each person can purchase and carry 30 grams of dried recreational cannabis at the time for personal use.

City Pulse,  Toronto

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