Toronto Launching Municipal Election, Fading Out Any Risk To Democracy

City Clerk, Ulli Watkiss, working hard with her staff to prepare the City for this year Municipal Election and launch it on time.

Funna Murry, Deputy City Clerk said, “we are really confident. Staff are working between 12 to 14 hours in some days to make the election day ready.”

Media represented the public in this meeting to support the presentation of democracy.

“Voter identification cards are printed out and ready to be delivered by Canada Post.” said Deputy City Clerk on October the 4th.  “An opportunity for voting from home or online is provided this year for voters” she added. 

The city is preparing for Toronto Municipal Election, recovering the pressure of time, supporting the court of appeal decision to cut down the counsil from 74 to 25 wards.

City Clerk also said: “The decision of court made out just two weeks before but since that time we had candidates ready to run finally, we had voters placed in wards for this October, once the decision came out we had the certainty that we needed. Every election has little twists and turns, this one was more interesting than most and it was very especial. I say the Court of Appeal decision came just in time.”

Candidates campaign are active to gain victory on election day in larger area this year. 

Tabulators, rotary machines, and ballots are produced, tested and secured. City Clerk and other members are working hard on accuracy testing to produce a fair election for voters on 22nd October and in advance on the 9th of this month.

City Pulse,  Toronto


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