Vulnerable Workers Without Security Insurance

Employees living in Canada and many other countries rely on their saving accounts or social services to support themselves in case of dismissal for any reason. Most vulnerable part of society who are bearing the burden of unfair job conditions are workers who can be fired without reasoning or warning. Employment Security Insurance is washed away of any political debates in the same countries where insurances such as furniture insurance are well known. The most common insurances offered to employees are health and accident insurance in the greatest chances which might not be provided at all. There is no insurance to support them in case of expulsion. Of course the high insurance rates could lead to the problem but other factors are involved as well. What we are talking about is different from unemployment benefits or other employment supports. We are exactly talking about worker protection from dismissal to impede the dismissal with any important reason that leaves labors vulnerable in their life. There must be an effective strategy to secure their job and save them from competition in the future of their employment.

City Pulse,  Magazine

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