Toronto Police Joined Medic Alert Program





Alzheimer Society of Toronto states honor to announce MedicAlert and Toronto Police partnership in the program

Today Toronto Police partnered with Medical Alert Canada to support vulnerable patients when they face mobility difficulties concerning public safety. CEO Medical Alert Foundation stated in speech this morning, to support patients suffering from disease like alzheimer’s or autism they are registering them under medical attention with police assistance to help them in case of mobility crisis. The program launched at Toronto Police Head Quarter today on 25 September 2018. Residents are encouraged to register their in-need patient family member in the program to support them for safe mobility. Medic Alert has been active for years with foresight plans such as put identifier bracelet tags on these patients all the time to be used in emergency events by public, law enforcement units and paramedics to give necessary access to their medical history for better assistance.

City Pulse,  Toronto

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