Pet Obesity; One Of The Most Common Pet Disease

According to vets or canine and feline weight management consultants obesity is one the most common disease in cats and dogs in Canada and USA.

Obesity is caused by overfeeding pets, feeding them with fatty foods or too much treats and lack of exercise. Pets living in apartment are more likely subject to obesity.  Obesity can shorten their life span by three years. Pets need to be checked up by a veterinarian every six months to maximum one year .

Animals who must live in nature and wild life are turned to cities and live in apartments and houses with human to be protected from hunger, cold and being stray. This change to their life have had negative consequences ignoring the grants to their life.

That’s true that pets are more comfortable and away of harm of wild  life but we can’t ignore the negative effects we caused by holding them as pets in our homes.

Of course they are unable to talk about their problems or when they might be abused or slaved for human selfishness or advantage. Animals are to serve the human in nature but we’re not allowed to abuse them specially when we don’t need to do that.

One of the obesity causes is that the dogs who must run all the day are sitting instead and walk just for a while then eat more.

City Pulse, Magazine

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