Panhandling In City Streets

Life Shows It’s Ugliest Face, In Money Shells. Money, the magic golden word, can sink you in a glance if you don’t have it and scratch on your social face like a wild cat if you can’t catch it in those sly bill shapes.

Begging is defined as asking charity in return of nothing. When you go to your job in the morning exactly you are asking for money but this is different.

In some countries panhndling is considered exactly as a job. Beggars leave their home for panhandling and go to work day or night.

 They may be arrested for City Environmental Policies but the arrest is illegal itself. They can’t be jailed in most of countries but the act can be considered as loitering and if so, it’s punishable in fines but indeed it’s not loitering even though.

 That single mother in image has lost her husband for disease recently or whatever so she is begging in the streets for food for her three hungry children. When I asked her why she doesn’t take governmental assistance she answered, “what about today? It takes time to open the file for me.”

Street Safety Law 1999 restricts some street aggressive activities but not panhandling. It is very weird to see people in need in the country while government is supporting refugees out of country and brings new immigrants to Canada.

City Pulse, Magazine

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