Coronavirus Death Rate Increasing By 3.4%

Based on world meters by World Health Organization, corona-virus has infected 93’158 cases and killed 3’202 globally by today. Corona-virus fatality rate has increased by 1.4% despite scientific estimates for it’s reduction.

Some specialists expected an increase in reported mild cases because of public awareness and they assumed it could reduce the death rate but the reported death toll is increasing and  it’s concerning people every day. The epidemic crisis continues globally and public tension has brought up uncertainty and public crisis.

There are victims belong to all levels with no exclusion every day who are losing their lives in different part of the world. The virus has contaminated about 70 countries. It’s seriously contagious and less preventable.

Based on the last CNN reports,  9 of 120 total cases has died in US by now. Based on Aljazeera website US Homeland Security shut down an office in Washington today for fear of this virus with one suspect employee.

The major zone of corona-virus is still in China that contains 95% of world cases. The disease started from Wuhan, China and spread country wide by more than 10’000 confirmed cases.

Algeria confirmed three new cases today that reaches the number to a total of 9 cases in the country, most of them coming from one family.

Italy death toll reported 79 that ranked Iran lower as third country today.

In countries with involved disease the number of masks, gloves and antiseptic materials are concerned that may not be enough to cover the total needs. In some countries the cost of  those prevention medical implements raised or is hard to find them.

Iran have reported 2233 cases with 77 deaths in a total based on BBC but some doctors have assumed the real number to be more than that.



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