Thousands Fled Home, Holding On Greece Borders, Welcomed By Tear Gas


Thousands refugees fleeing home, stuck behind Greece border yesterday.

Turkish newspaper wrote that Greece is not going to open it’s gate to to them. 

Between the refugees there are many women and children.

A video published in social media shows that tear gas was fired at them yesterday. The post states that tear gas has been shot after they resisted in open area at the border for two nights in cold without food and warm clothing. 

Some of them fled Turkey for lack of health insurance and work permit because of their status.

The posts use “OpenEUBorders2Refugees” hashtag in twitter.

Usually it takes a week to reach Greece from Turkey. The way is through water or forest which is really dangerous and sometimes costs life besides trafficing cost to smugglers.

A video published some days ago shows that children hurt at the shore while the passengers are in hurry to get off the boat which has been overloaded.

A post in social media indicates that the situation of those refugees have been so critical that smugglers let some of them for free in the boat before Greece stops them at the border.

After Syria war in Idlib, Turkey opened it’s borders to let the refugees pass. Turkey is one of the most refugee recipient in Middle East that hosted numerous Iranians, Afghans, Kurdish people, Iraqi refugees and more. Turkey has declared that is not going to close the refugees way to Europe. Turkey has been overfilled by thousands of refugees flow after Idlib crisis.   

Watch The Guardian video recorded in Greece borders








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