Corona Virus; A Hidden Monster In Crowd

Corona Virus has become a worldwide threat to many. Corona has started from China and then spread between other countries. There is still no remedy or vaccine for this disease.

According to BBC 86’000 people are infected  and 2’800 have lost their lives by this virus by now worldwide.

The speed rate of it’s spread is different by countries and locations.

The catching fact has become a mystery as there were no links between the new cases in some countries such as Iran and South Korea with infected people.

World Health Organization was working on it’s vaccine but BBC reported that 14 cured cases in China have returned to hospital yesterday and tested positive in a month again.

Some Iranian Officials are reported test positive for corona virus this week.

8 cases are confirmed in Ontario this week and 63 are reported positive in US.

The virus seems contagious very sharp and the droplets may pass through the face masks according to a doctor in interview with CNN.

The spread speed rate is increasing fast and control promises by governmental officials are failing.

Mortality rate of this disease is announced about 2% by now.

The cases are assumed to be much higher than what it is announced in most of countries.

Many Iranian schools have been closed or empty of students in recent days. Iran Parliament will be closed tomorrow for the concern.

Corona Virus has become a great concern for crowded places such as hospitals, public transportation, schools, prisons and many other while even staying in hospitals for test or remedy may raise the contamination risk by other patients according to the patients families.




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