11th Parliamentary Election Held In Iran Today

Today, on 21 February, 11th parliamentary election was held in Iran.

Iran leader, Ali Khamenei, had called Iranians’ vote their Islamic duty and  encouraged them to attend in polls to support Iranian government and demonstrate Iranian solidarity and empower the government.

Mass Iranian attended widespread in polls.  11 million eligible people voted by 3 pm. this afternoon.

The election time was extended and polls are open by 10 pm. in some cities tonight.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran Leader and Hassan Rouhani, the president voted in this election early after polls opened.

58’000 people were eligible to vote including minor religion groups in 5’000 polls that served them to elect from 16145 candidates in the country.

The election atmosphere carried some tension by uncertainty from last months events from shooting down the flight 752 by Iran Military Forces caused by “human mistake”, what the Chief Military Commander announced later on TV,  to country wide protests against fuel price hike and the recent conflicts between the candidates. 14’000 candidates had attended in this election that 9’000 of them were rejected  and identified ineligible by Guardian Council of the Constitution.

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