Mass Shooting In West Germany Concerns Berlin Film Festival On Thursday

Mass shooting in west Germany, Hanau which killed 8 persons raised concerns Berlin Film Festival which holds today on Thursday.

Five people were injured and transferred to hospital besides the dead persons. Based on Variety report the assailants have opened fire on a bar in Hanau and police assumes there might be a large suspects.

This newspaper published that after Lorry terror attack in Nice in July 2016, Cannes Festival spent millions dollars in 2017 for festival security. MIP and MIPCOM TV still extend security for film festivals in this country.

Update: The 43 year old gunman was arrested by police and was alone in killing 9 people that most of them were immigrants.

Based on AP reports from last night, in Thursday night,  thousands of people have been holding vigils to keep watch on mosques and other sites while police presents in most of the streets.

CBC News published on Wednesday: It seems it’s been a racism shooting and most of victims have been immigrants. By CBC report 5 dead people have been Turkish.

The man who was identified Tobias Rathjen by AP News, has opened fire for second time near his home, where after a while police found him dead in his home besides his 72 year old mother where they were found shot and dead.

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