Wuhan Corona Virus Outbreak Holding China City Of 11 Million In Isolation

The virus with pneumonia-like symptoms such as cough and  fever are spreading in different countries. The virus emerged with no clear cause in Wuhan, central city of China in 2019.

Wikipedia: “Yesterday one infected person in US was identified. On 20th January, 2 days ago, “Chinese Premier Li Keqiang started decisive efforts to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by this corona virus.”

By today, January 22nd, 17 people died and 500 were diagnosed infected in China.  

Outside China in Thailand, 4 persons, in Japan one, in South Korea one woman, two persons in Hong Kong, two persons in Macao and one man in United States has been recently reported.  On January 17 a college in UK estimated 1,723 cases there are in the world. 

On 20th January China reported a rapid raise in patient numbers which reached to 140 people.”

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