Churches Are Closed While Homeless People Are At Risk In Harsh Winter Nights

My name is Soroush Motavalli, I have a child named “Maryam” by a spirit in my dream when I was about 2 months pregnant in Iran.

At that night a shiny spirit wearing white all over body appeared in my dream and said in a pure unforgivable heavenly voice: “Name your daughter Maryam. This is your birthday gift.”

I understood that I was pregnant through blood test after I visited a doctor for heart beat problem. Doctor asked me “May you be pregnant? I answered “No, It’s impossible.” So she asked for general blood test. But my friend in laboratory assumed my pregnancy by her experience and added the test herself without my knowledge and found me pregnant.

About a month later by ultrasound that recorded the exact date and days of pregnancy, I understood that I became pregnant exactly on my birthday.

I was in my 5 month pregnancy in Turkey where I found out through ultrasound that my child was a girl.

14 years later, last Ramadan, in alternative coming nights I had different dreams of Jesus Christ. Between those nights there was my birthday which I hadn’t remember it myself for I’m alone in strange country with different calendar and dates. I dreamed of Christ who gave me birth by his hands from all over my body. It was difficult and I felt pressure then I turned to a strong baby with black hair, wrapped in cream cloth. I was shocked when I saw the wrapped baby because me and my family never wrap newborns and I didn’t see who wrapped the baby.

I was baptised by heavenly rain in another night. He took me to heaven with my daughter in my dream in another night.

He showed me how he took the soul out of a dead body of a man in cemetery.

He showed me his crucified body and his true face. Later I searched in internet and I found one of the images that has been published from him resembles the face that I saw in my dream but not exactly.

In my last dream of him he was going away and gave me a bread in whole.

Months later, I received some commands by an angel and I think I should release and carry those commands.

I am to publish what I received ignoring who believes and who does not, by God command.

I humbly ask you people to listen to God’s words and do not repeat the mistakes that people did in history and be punished by God later. 

They may torture me, kill me, deny me or accuse me of many things such as mad, lier, politician or whoever as they did before and killed whoever carried God commands.

I ask you to be smart and believe that I’m fighting for you. I have nothing to lost and nothing to gain. I have a life that I sacrifice it to you. I have no intention and interfere in politics and never accept to enter the arena which is full of games. 


Churches Are Closed While Homeless People Are At Risk In Streets In Harsh Winter Nights


CBC News reports- “Being homeless is not easy.”

3000 survival kits are delivered to homeless people in Toronto last week. ” 38,00 kits were delivered since 1999″- wrote CBC News.

old church door with lion knob

Church doors are kept closed all days and nights while homeless people are suffering and starving in extreme cold nights in the streets. Church excuses the doors. “Because people come in and drink inside or steal church furniture”- explained in a website.



Church and mosques doors are closed except for praying, but this is not the basic rule of Islam or what is taught in Bible.

Bible, Luke 6:30- “Give to every one who begs from you and from one who takes away your goods. Do not demands them back.” 

“The door is open to everyone.” Jesus said to his apostle, John, after resurrection.

Bible: “God welcomes everyone at anytime in his churches.”  

They crucified Christ, Son of God, King of Jews,  reined the kingdom and slaughtered his people and their generations but they still don’t understand. Perhaps they would kill God if they could. We worship the crucified body but not the wooden cross behind that.



Be liberty on each nation. Remembering 6 million Jews who were brutally killed during genocide in Germany in such days. Jews shouted, “Kill him. His blood be upon our hands and children’s” We follow Christ and ask Father to forgive everyone in sin “for they don’t know what they do”

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