21 U.S. Congressman Plans to Stop Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia in Respond to Murder of Jamal Khashoghi

The American House if Representatives in response to brutal murder of Jamal Khoshaghaji, a moderate Saudi journalist, sought to immediately stop military aid and sell their weapons to the Saudi regime.

In the same way, 21 Republican and Democratic members of the House of Representatives presented a plan to stop the sale of arms and military aid to Saudi Arabia immediately. James McGovern, Democrat Chancellor of the House of Representatives Committee and chairman of the Human Rights Commission, Tom Lantos, spoke in the courtyard of the House of Representatives. He said, “I am pleased to present a two-party plan, signed by another 20 delegates, to stop the sale of arms and military aid to Saudi Arabia immediately.” He stated, “More than 100 days since the murder of Jamal Khazhaghaji, a Saudi journalist spent by Riyadh in the Saudi Consulate building in Turkey. 

The Senate condemned this terrible crime in Saudi Arabia, but the House of Representatives remains silent. McGovern adds, “It is now time for the House of Representatives to clearly state that Saudi” brutality “is futile, let it sell. We will end the arms and military aid to Saudi Arabia.

The chairman of the US House of Representatives, which includes supporters of the plan continued, “Saudi action in using the diplomatic building as a room of torture and murder was not only insult to international values but insulting human principles. Unfortunately, the government of Trump refuses to take any real action to support our values ​​and punish the Saudi government, but now it’s time for the United States to stop selling weapons and military aid to Riyadh.”

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