China Stressing Diplomatic Boundaries by Sentencing Canadian to Death in Rush

Canadian was sentenced to death in an unusual court process in China.

Robert Lloyd Schellenberg has been arrested for drug smuggling in China. The court statement says that Schellenberg was part of a failed attempt to smuggle 225kg of methamphetamune to Australia by hiding drug in Tyres. 

Schellenberg had pleaded not guilty in the case. Schellenberg had criminal record in Canada in past years and had been imprisoned in Vancouver, Canada for drug offences. 

Although Schellenberg case is not in honorful defend point for Canada,  but still Canadians expecting the government to stand by them even with their faults, as they do so.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, called this conviction arbitrary, meanwhile consodering Canada respectful to the laws and rules of other countries. He mentioned that Canada is a lawful, well-known country in it’s international fame.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau in an interview with Global News said, “We will do everything we can to help Mr. Schellenberg but we have to respect the law as we are known as a lawful country in the world. We, as the Canadian Government know that we must intercede with any Canadian death penalty around the world and we will do so.  We are extremely concerned that China has chosen to be arbitrary by applying death penalties in face of Canadian cases.” 

Chinese authoritian called the Canadian Government soft against crime, ignoring the higher crime rates in China in compare to Canada.

Canadians are expecting the government to support Schellenberg, but they might turn disappointed if Chinese court wouldn’t break the verdict that has been issued in an unusual process just in an hour after the retrial when it normally takes not less than 6 months for heavy sentences.

This sentence has been raised in two hours of retrial unexpectedly from 5 years jail to death penalty after Schellenberg pleaded not guilty. His lawyer says that based on Chinese laws, the sentence can be raised just with representing the new witnesses in retrial. As no witnesses has attended in retrial, so raising the verdict to death penalty can be considered unlawful. 

Schellenberg case is the third Canadian sentence by Chinese since Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, has been arrested in Canada due to violation of U. S. trade sanctions. Canadian former diplomat, Michael Kovrig, and a businessman, Michael Spavor and several other Canadians has been detained or deported by Chinese Government within weeks of Meng’s arrest. Chinese newspaper denied any link between Schellenberg’s and Meng cases.

Canadian Prime Minister mentioned that Mrs. Meng had presented in court lawfully and with respect. “She is granted bail and she is in his home now.” He said he is sorry that China acting like that, breaking the diplomatic rules between two countries. He said unfortunately “China is blending it’s commercial interests with political position.”

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