Single Bus Crash in Westboro Station that Left 3 Dead and 23 Injured, Under Investigation

Ottawa Emergency Services responded to an OC Transpo double-decker collision in the afternoon of 11 January, at about 3:50p.m. This single crash is the second fatal bus crash in past 5 years. 

This single vehicle collision occurred at Westboro station.

 23 people were injured in the collision, some seriously and 3 persons were killed. The injured were transported to local hospitals.

Emergency responders remained on scene.

                                                                                         The bus towed out of the scene at last from Westboro Station.


The Ottawa Police Service Collision Investigation Unit was also on scene, investigating this incident.

They found an OC Transpo double-decker bus, route number 269, had run into the bus platform at Westboro station.

There were multiple injuries both on the bus and on the platform.

The upper deck on the bus was compromised and several people were trapped on the upper level for a period of time.

Most of the serious injuries occurred on the upper right side of the bus.

Twenty three people were injured in the collision. Sadly, three people suffered fatal injuries and lost their lives.

“At a Saturday press conference, Sgt. Cameron Graham with the Ottawa Police Service’s collision investigation unit told reporters investigators that they were looking for number of elements including weather conditions, the bus itself, and “human factors.”

Later in the day, investigators drove a similar double-decker bus down the same stretch of the Transitway, the city’s bus rapid transit network, hoping to get a sense for what conditions were like at the time of the crash.

Both Graham and police Chief Charles Bordeleau, however, have said the investigation will be complex. Transport Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation are also investigating.

Three people have been confirmed dead, but Ottawa police have not released their names or any other information.

In fact, one of the only details to have come out is that some members of the Canadian Armed Forces were among those injured.” CBC News published. 

On 12 January Ottawa Police released the bus driver unconditionally while investigating the human factors of the accidents. They are requesting other passengers of the bus who have not spoken by police by now to give them more information regarding the accident considering that the bus had been full at incident time and had had 90 passengers at the time of accident.

City Pulse,  Ottawa

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