Canada Grants 25,000$ To Each Family Of Canadian-Iranian Victims Of Ukrainian Plane Crash

CPAC published a video on YouTube:

Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, in a media conference announced that Canada is going to grant 25,000$ as reimbursement to Canadian-Iranian families who lost their lives in the tragedy of Ukrainian plane crash which killed 176 people on board including 57 Canadian residents.

 He said, “they need support and they need it now”. Iran has been sanctioned but must pay compensation for the families. He said if Iran would pay for compensation later all the amount would be paid directly to the families and not to the Government of Canada. 25,000$ has been granted to the Canadian and permanent resident families who want to get their loved ones home to facilitate them and help them with travel arrangement and for legal aid expenses. 

When a public member asked, ” Can you describe what your foreign minister discussed today in Iranian counterpart and with respect to compensation. Is he asking him to make a voluntary payment to the families or is that something that you think is going to have civil obligation?” he answered: “Iran assumed full responsibility in shooting down flight 752 and it recognizes it’s duty towards the families and victims including compensation that is part of the meeting that just happened and part of it was just for good cooperation between Canada and Iran, to respect the wishes of the families. Also to keep moving forward to condemnation- deescalation in the region, which will include a repetition of our condemnation of the missile attacks on the Canadian Station in ERBIL.”

The question asked of Justin Trudeau that how he takes the assassination of Qasem Soleimani responsible for this incident that killed Canadian in the aircraft, he answered ” The Iranians bear the full responsibility for having the civilian airline shot down with 57 Canadians aboard. We will be working very hard alongside with partners internationally to bring down the tensions on all sides to look the deescalation and stability in the region. That is our focus.”

“The black boxes have been significantly damaged and it is extremely important, according to ICAO protocol number 13, I believe that they be examined as rapidly as possible. Iran does not have the technical knowledge and experts and mostly the equipment necessary to be able to analyze those black boxes damages. There are only a few places that have this technological capacity in world, France is one of those laboratories that can do it. French have certainly offered to do it. That would be the right place to send those black boxes to get the proper information in a rapid way, that’s what we are encouraging Iranian authorities to agree to.”

“We certainly are calling for justice and criminal steps to be taken in an appropriate way and time.” He said.


Last news in this case: 

On 11 January Justin Trudeau in a media conference gave an speech about Ukrainian flight that had been shot down in Iran and left 176 people, all on board, immediately killed. He called the crash a “national tragedy” and continued:

” Last night Iran confirmed that it unintentionally shot down flight 752. This is an extremely serious matter. Canada and the world have still many questions. Questions that must be answered.

Earlier this morning, I spoke with President Rouhani of Iran. I told him that Iran’s admission that it’s own armed forces unintentionally shot down flight 752, is an important step towards providing answers for families but I know that many more steps must be taken. A full and complete investigation must be conducted. We need full clarity on how such a horrific tragedy could have occurred.

Families are seeking justice and accountability and they deserve closure. I reiterated to President Rouhani that it is absolutely necessary that Canada participate in this investigation. We expect the full cooperation of Iranian authorities. 

Currently three visas have been approved for members of standing rapid deployment team. We expect the lead members of this team will arrive in Tehran around 4: p.m. today and establish a presence on the ground to support the Canadian families. Additional team members will follow. We are working with our partners who are facilitating the process by which visas are granted. Currently Iranian are cooperating in granting visas.”

“I had a chance to sit with the victims families. They are hurt, angry and grieving. They want answers. They want justice. What Iran has admitted to is very serious. Shooting down a civilian aircraft is horrific. Iran must take full responsibility. Canada will not rest until we get the accountability, justice and closure that families deserve.” He added.

He said, “The reality is that there has been significant tension in Iran and we are trying for deescalating it.”


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