3 Died, Many Injured In Flood In A Dry Province Of Iran

Sistan and Baluchestan and Hormozgan Provinces of Iran filled by flood because of severe precipitation and overflow of rivers in cities of Taftan, Delgan and khash and their suburb areas. The cities surrounded by flood and sank people in water by their waist, Iran TV reported last night.

ISNA reports: 5 villages sank thoroughly under water. In some towns and villages electricity shut off for damages by flood that toppled more than 13 electrical poles.  Flood caused fundamental damages in more than 12 cities and ruined many homes. Iran Red Cross couldn’t recover every one by now and they need more rope, large vehicles, food, drinking water and warm clothes to save the victims. 

Some people climbed the trees and went on top of building roofs for huge water rush but some lost their lives in this disaster. 

Electricity is off in more than 130 villages and roads are blocked in more than 500 villages. City water pipes are damaged seriously in more than 100 villages. Agricultural fields and fruit gardens are destroyed in a wide range. 

Schools have been closed for three days in more than 12 cities and towns.

In one city emergency helicopters found more than 400 people injured and transferred 24 pregnant women to hospitals. 2 persons died in this catastrophe for they drowned in flood, another  one lost his life under a collapsing building.

In Zehak Hospital in emergency CCU room the ceiling ruined because of water rush but no one was injured. 

850 people were rescued in Sistan and Baluchestan and 200 cars were pulled out of flood by now. The flood has left deep damages in electrical systems and water pipe systems and ruined many bridges while blocking the pass ways and roads.

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