University Students Of Iran Claim For Justice In Recent Plane Catastrophe

ISNA reports: Today, on 11th January many students of Tehran, Amir Kabir and Sharif Universities of Iran gathered in front of Amir Kabir university to claim for justice for victims of  Boeing 737 that was shot and crashed on 8th January.  Between 176 people who were killed in this tragedy, there were more than 32 Iranian students attending Canadian universities who lost their lives besides some doctors and university professors. 

Students lightened candles inside the universities in respect and grief for the victims of this plane crash. Students then asked the persons in charge of this aviation catastrophe to be removed from their posts, chanting and raising hands in front of Amir Kabir University together. Some people were attending in this demonstration in street to support them.

They claimed against the way and 3 days delay in announcement by government and military to report the cause of crash which had been shooting down the plane by human mistake as Air-Force Chief Commander has announced yesterday.

They asked the authorities responsible for this tragedy to be held and resign.

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