Ghasem Suleimani, Iranian Leader’s Military Right Hand Was Killed In Iraq

Ghasem Suleimani, Iranian general, one of the most powerful Iranian regime men was killed in Iraq by targeted American drone on 3rd January 2020. 

Ghasem Suleimani was killed in Baghdad immediately after departing the airport he landed arriving Baghdad. He was targeted by US drone after US Embassy was attacked by Iranian militia supportive groups on 29th December 2019.

He was commander of Quds Force, entered his military career from 1980s at the beginning of Iran-Iraq war. He was an ordinary man who paced through quickly from water organization contractor to military solder in Iran and ranked up to a well known commander, trusted by Iranian leader and presidents.  He was an Iranian power helped with some other Iranian allies such as Syria and Lebanon against some armed organized rebel groups such as ISIS.

He was a general who was beloved by many also hatred by some others regarding his job for his extremist acts against protesters under the command of president Khatami to hold the student protests at a time.

President Trump approved targeting him because “he posed an imminent threat to American lives” he stated.

His body was identified by his wearing ring and later by DNA test confirmation. Four other members of PMF also were killed in this strike. Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, Iraqi politician and military man were between them. On 4th January a funeral were held in Iraq with thousands attendance and  followed after on 6th by arriving Suleimani casket in Iran in different cities as million mourning, waving militia and countries flags, chanting “Death to America, Death to Israel” burning the American flag. Ali Khamenei wept in public in this funeral. 

Ghasem Suleimani death lead to a significant raising tension between Iran and America in the area. Both countries calling each other terrorist and they threatening to act severe for retaliation. President Trump has said that he will attack 52 Iranian sites in reply to 52 Americans that had been killed by Iranians before, if Iran acts against any American. They said: “One American life is important.” Donald Trump passed the order directly himself while he was in holiday in Florida and without consulting the congress. Donald Trump had faced an earlier impeachment recently and found some questions for this decision in congress later.  Evidences published by Washington Post in an earlier time proves  that it’s not been an outplace decision and the threat by Suleimani had been stated and suggested before by authorities. UN spokesman said that closing cultural sites considers as an international offence for they are respected and supported by international law and no opposing act can be reasoned in any way in this case.  Europe says: “We have no interest in this war.”

US added thousands troops to middle east after Iran threatening for retaliation and settled them in surrounded water of American purchased island from India, 3800 km far of Iran. 

Iran announced that they may break their agreement on nuclear bomb producing limits that they had agreed in 2015. One of Iranian authorities on an interview with a media line said that they don’t have any possibility to use their nuclear weapon and they are not interested or thinking of using them in any way specially because it is not legal to do so. He said Iran even has not received whatever the countries have promised to pay Iran in nuclear weapon production yet. He said it is against their ideology to use the nuclear weapon.

An US congress woman said to National News on 6th January, “We will act within the law whatever to support American lives.”

CNN-Thousands more young US troops were sent to the area even after Iraq parliament voted to expel US troops and president Trump threatened Iraq with a sanction so bad they have never seen. He said, “We are not going”. After a while US denied that they made any decision to sanction Iraq in an statement. 

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