The Most Catastrophic Forest Fire Event In Australia Killed Another One Today

New South Wales experiencing the most horrible fire in Australia history. Wildfire has been burning widespread in forests and some residential areas. The devastating fire has killed 12 people just in New South Wales by now.

From December by today, January 5th 2020, 1,298 homes and more than 2,000 buildings in exterior parts were destroyed by fire and 48 facilities  were  touched  significantly in New South Wales. 

Today a fire strike raised at Voyager Point in Sydney’s South West, spreading rapidly under a strong southerly wind impacting numerous houses in Voyager Point and Hammondville.  As the fire moved north, authorities closed the Motorways due to smoke conditions. Firefighters assisted by numerous water-bombing aircraft managed to hold the fire in south of the motorway and prevented any property losses, containing the fire to 60 hectares (150 acres) of bush.


Some days ago many people were running away from dangerous areas,  moving to safer regions by the wilder fire. Some people were taking water routs to travel away. Many roads were blocked by traffic and people were stressed by danger, smoke and heat while huge smoke and flames were coming out of the woods behind them.


A large number of Australian firefighters were trying to extinguish fire and save lives. Medical aid were settled in closer areas for emergency assistance. Some koalas brought to centers by local people and some were taken under surgery for severe injuries, many died on trees. Ecologists from The University of Sydney estimated millions mammals, birds, and reptiles have been lost by now in this catastrophic event.

Expert firefighter crews have been sent from Canada and US to help Australia with fire from December. 

More than 4 million hectares burnt with 70-metre (230 ft) high flames.  In comparison, the 2018 California wildfires consumed 766,439 hectares and the 2019 Amazon rain-forest wildfires burnt 900,000 hectares (2,200,000 acres) of land.





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