420 Arrested In Hong Kong In New Year Day,2020

Reuters reports- 400 were arrested by police in Hong Kong during a peaceful demonstration for democracy. Police has fired tearing gas between protesters to split up the crowd, Reuters reported.

Reuters’ image shows some protesters holding a photo in their hand, some other wearing masks while walking without violence. 

Associated Press reports- The protesters sprayed coarse words on Hong Kong’s Law Society and Bar Association wall and have insulted a judge by his name. A letter states,  “Abusive comments of graffiti implying that judicial decisions were made or influenced by political considerations are wholly unjustified.”

The protest had begun long before from June and some cities have been attacked. The protesters concern that China is gradually tightening its control over Hong Kong’s institutions, from major businesses, to law enforcement and the media.

Based on AP report 420 are added to arrested protesters number and has reached to 7,000 persons by now.

To read Vice report denouncing Hong Kong Police for it’s violent attack click here. 

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